Wolves are provokable mobs in minecraft. They can tamed when the player feeds them between one and five bones. They become dogs, when tamed. When tame, the player can right-click on them (left click in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition) to make them sit, or to make them follow you. When tame, wolves will wear a red collar to show their status. They will also show their health by the position of their tail when tamed. If their tail is high, then they have 100% health. If their tail is low, then you know that they have low health, and that you should protect them from any further damage. To heal them, feed them porkchops, raw or cooked. If it says feed, and not heal, then your dog has full health.

A passive wolf using the default texture pack.

Wolf angry

An aggressive wolf using the default texture pack.


A tame wolf using the default texture pack.